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Think of us as a meet-seeking missile.

“We didn’t expect immediate results. Guess we were wrong on that count.”
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Bill Peacock, President
Peacock Construction • San Francisco, CA

When Marshall Consultants began in 1996, the idea of enlisting outsourcing business development (BD) services was foreign to most companies. Since then, we’ve built a solid reputation for connecting our clients with the key decision-makers they most need to reach. As our polite, persistent and brand-conscious approach has literally opened doors for them among the upper echelons of prestigious corporate and public institutions.

Missile with shark's teeth flying straight at you.


Carolynn Abst

“The fact Marshall was actually able to get an appointment with me really says it all.”read more ...

Carolynn Abst
Principal, AIA, LEED AP
Case+Abst Architects
San Francisco, CA

Today, a web search will turn up hundreds of companies that appear to have the same credentials as Marshall Consultants. But in many cases, a quick glance at their website will tell you they’re really cold-callers, telemarketers or call centers in BD clothing. Rather than the seasoned lead generation and appointment setting pros who should be representing your company on the front lines of business development.

We invite you to take a look at our website — and to join the engaging conversations on our social networking pages. We think you’ll find out why Marshall Consultants should be on your shortlist of potential BD partners. It’s a decision with serious implications for the success and image of your brand.

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