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Any prospect. Versus the right prospect.

“They have a real knack for making the right appointment within a company.”

Norm Moore, President
Systemetrics • Cranston, RI

A pearl in an oyster shell.


Reaching Decision Makers - Bob Marshall

Nick Brereton of Brereton Architects

“Marshall has a way of going right for the top and actually getting through.”read more ...

Nick Brereton
Brereton Architects
San Francisco, CA

Clients marvel at our success rates for getting face-to-face meetings with the right contacts — at the right companies. Our sophisticated approach is the equivalent of a corporate door opener. A relationship-building process designed to make the connections and new-market penetrations you’d never have time to initiate yourself.

We’re not telemarketers. We don’t believe in cold-calling. Over the past 15 years, Marshall Consultants has developed and refined its unique system for lead generation and appointment securement through real-world application.

No-Obligation Consultation:

Start the conversation.

As a result, we have the ability to connect you with influential people at top-tier companies. These are people who aren’t easy to get hold of, and even harder to get in front of.

Think about the key decision-makers you need to approach. It could be a vice president at Goldman Sachs. A research head at Pfizer. A project leader at Tesla Motors. A key administrator at Harvard or Stanford. Or even the mayor of a major city.

These scenarios are all possible. And these are the kinds of connections our lead generation strategies have already made for many satisfied clients.